One may think that old fashioned barber shops are a thing of the past. Many of the hair care shops now are unisex and are often called beauty salons. Canada has managed to preserve the iconic barber shops and some of them are quite famous.

Peter’s Barber Shop

Really a simple name for a barber shop which shouldn’t be too surprising. This is one of those businesses that has been passed down through the generations. While this shop is famous for many reasons, one of the most prominent one is the decor that it shows off. For hockey fans and particularly Toronto Maple Leaf fans, this is the barber shop for you. The shop is absolutely packed full of Toronto Leafs memorabilia. As you may have guessed, there has been more than one famous Leaf player to frequent this locale for their hair care needs.

Hollow Ground Barber Shop

This particular shop may not be world famous but it certainly is well recognised in the Toronto area. This too is one of the many barber shops in Canada that loves to use memorabilia as their decor. In this case, it all revolves around anything to do with barbering.

Barbier Albanese

What makes this barber shop so famous, at least for those in the Montreal district, is the size and number of chairs that it has. When most picture what a barber establishment is supposed to be, they often visualise it as being a small area of square space with no more than three chairs. This particular establishment has gone far beyond that and depicts what one would consider a modern day version of the old fashioned shops.

Mr. Hobb’s Barber Shop

If you are in Vancouver then what may be considered as a famous barber at least to the locals would be Mr. Hobb’s. If you are looking for old fashioned men’s hair care and related services then the mustache wax that is done here will fit right in.