Canadians certainly enjoy their hair care products and fortunately, there are many that are very popular in Canada. Some of these are:

Marc Anthony

While there are many hair care products under this brand name, one that really stands out as a favourite is the Volume Hairspray. It contains coconut oil and this happens to be a waterless hairspray that creates a perfect hold without making the hair look sticky or limp.

Niko Hair Care

Many Canadians are now looking for hair care products that don’t contain a lot of harsh ingredients. One that comes into this category is the Sulfate free shampoo by Niko.


This is a line of hair product that is used in Canada but cater specifically to men. Most men in Canada appreciate having a line of hair care products that are specifically designed for them.


Redken products are extremely well known and are very popular, partially because the brand has almost become a household name, and the other big factor is that the products are of top quality that produces excellent results.

There are some Canadians who like to go with natural hair care products and manufacturers of these products are becoming quite popular. Those that are classed as vegan are really interesting a lot of consumers.


This is a very well known brand that is often seen on the product shelves of many high calibre salons in Canada.

Buck Naked Soap Company

This company produces soap bars that are used specifically as shampoo. It is a different approach and one that takes getting some used to.

One of the most well known Canadian manufacturers of hair care products is AG Hair Care. Their products are not only sold to the many Canadian hair salons, but are also gaining in popularity in several other countries.