For those that work in a casino, they may be filling many different types of positions. No matter which it may be, it is important to realise this is a public setting and appearance is very important. Even if the Casino you are working at doesn’t have a specific appearance policy, you need to set your own guidelines for yourself. Here are a few tips to help you with this:


Overall cleanliness is very important. This means making sure that personal cleaning habits are adhered to. It also includes your hair.

Hair Styles

No matter how appropriate your clothing is when working in the casino setting, the condition of your hair and the style you wear is going to make a big difference to your overall appearance. Casino staff is expected to look neat and pleasing to the general public.

If you tend to have greasy hair, you will have to wash it more often and you may be better off with a short hair style. It may be that you have to work shift at the Casino so try to choose a hair style that is easy to keep and that you don’t have to fuss a lot with.

If your hair is long, you may want to keep it tied back so it doesn’t fall on your face when you are performing any of the casino tasks.


Clothing Choice

All casino staff will be expected to dress appropriately. The casino atmosphere is usually one that is very high calibre and your want your attire to fit in with this type of setting. At the same time, you want clothing that is going to be comfortable and especially, your shoe wear if you are going to be on your feet a lot. As a woman, you really won’t want to be wearing high heels, and for either gender, running shoes are really not a good choice, but proper comfortable dress shoes will be a good choice.