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Barber Shops in Canada That are Famous

One may think that old fashioned barber shops are a thing of the past. Many of the hair care shops now are unisex and are often called beauty salons. Canada has managed to preserve the iconic barber shops and some of them are quite famous. Peter’s Barber Shop Really a simple name for a barber […]

Taking Advantage of Hair Salons in Malls and Casinos

Most Casinos in Canada are attached to some great mall. Within these are some wonderful selections of shops. There are often hair salons that make up part of the store selection. There are a lot of advantages to this. If you are staying at a Casino resort, chances are you are also using their Hotel […]

Canada Enjoys Many Top Quality Hair Care Products

Canadians certainly enjoy their hair care products and fortunately, there are many that are very popular in Canada. Some of these are: Marc Anthony While there are many hair care products under this brand name, one that really stands out as a favourite is the Volume Hairspray. It contains coconut oil and this happens to […]

The Best Dandruff Shampoos

There are many different problems that people can run into with their hair. Some are more common than others, but one that is frequently a nuisance is dandruff. Fortunately, there are some great hair care products on the market specifically designed for this particular problem. Some of these products are in the form of shampoos […]

Casino Staff Appearance Policy

For those that work in a casino, they may be filling many different types of positions. No matter which it may be, it is important to realise this is a public setting and appearance is very important. Even if the Casino you are working at doesn’t have a specific appearance policy, you need to set […]

What Do Beauty Bloggers Say About Hair Care

Canada is a country where the majority of people take great pride in their appearance, and they put a great deal of emphasis on their hair care. Many Canadian beauty bloggers have written a lot on this subject and offer some really great tips. Elle Canada This is a blogging site that covers almost anything […]

How Your Hair Care Affects Your Health

When it comes to your health, you have to give proper attention to it on both a physical and mental level. While there are many things that you can do to enhance your overall health, this should also include your hair care. Many people don’t realise that their hair care can affect them both on […]

How Does Your Hair Enhance your Appearance?

Most people spend a great deal of money on their attire. The average person likes to look good and in order to achieve this, they will focus on what clothing they are going to wear each day. It is unfortunate when not enough attention is paid to hair care. A lot of people like to […]