When it comes to your health, you have to give proper attention to it on both a physical and mental level. While there are many things that you can do to enhance your overall health, this should also include your hair care. Many people don’t realise that their hair care can affect them both on physical as well as mental level.

Improper Hair Cleansing

It is really important to clean the hair regularly and properly. Hair that is not washed becomes greasy and acts as a magnet for attracting all kinds of environmental debris as well as bacteria. If the scalp becomes dry, it can easily get scratched and bacteria can enter into these small wounds and could lead to infection.

Then there are those who are so intent on their hair care that they are over zealous with the products or the techniques that they use. For example, it is believed that brushing the hair creates a beautiful shine to it. At the same time, over-brushing can cause damage to the scalp which again could put it at risk of infection.


Ending up with Lice in your hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you have followed a proper hair care regime. However, if you do end up with them, it is really important that you get rid of them quickly. The chemicals that are used in these treatments can be quite harsh. Therefore, it’s not something that you want to do on a regular basis. Take every precaution to avoid getting lice.

Mental health

Most people that look good automatically feel good about themselves. If you have gotten to a point where you are neglecting your hair care then you know you are not looking your best. This could mean that it is affecting your mental well being as well. Taking the time out for proper hair care will at least make you feel good about this and will help with your mental attitude.